Thuan Anh – Specialized in supplying elevator and escalator components.

THUAN ANH was established in 2009, which is the leading company in supplying all equipments, elevator components, escalator in Vietnam with the best quality.

On the 9th May 2009, THUAN ANH was established in Ho Chi Minh city. Since the first day of establishment, Thuan Anh company is only a company selling elevator equipment such as elevator wire rope.

After 2 years of development we have supplied almost all imported elevator components and equipment. In 2010, following the needs of the market, we provided traction machine from Fuji and Mitsubishi.

From 2012 to 2014, Italian devices are gradually dominating the market so we have supplied Montanari traction machine.

By 2015, we look for new high quality products, and decide to exclusively distribute the traction machine line of Sicor Group - Italy.

With more than 4 years of development, this line of traction machine has a fixed position, known by many customers thanks to its outstanding quality, and standard products that meet strict European standards. In 2018, ZIEHL-ABEGG Group from Germany trusted for THUAN ANH COMPANY to be a distributor of tractors and inverters in Vietnam.

In 2019, is a turning point for us to develop more Italian mechanical products. In addition, 2019 is also the year for us to expand our network and sell goods to Southeast Asia such as Combodia and Myanmar.

For many years of experience, we are proud of providing the best products to all elevator companies in Vietnam. We was direct import product from Italia. Our products such as traction machine, inverter, guide rails, door devices, pully, photocell,… Outside, Thuan Anh is the exclusive distribution of Sicor group, which is big corporation at Italia.

THUAN ANH nowaday is the best believable and the best prestigiuos company in Vietnam. So, our products are provided by the famous multinational corporations in the world: Sicor S.p.a, Ziehl-abegg, Prisma, Monterfero, …

Our products are diversified from the smallest parts to the complex elements of elevator, escalator. Please contact us, customer will consulted, provided all for your abundant requirement.

We, with the professional staff, global quality products, will satisfy all of our customers. Thuan Anh Company is a distributor of Sicor tractors in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asian countries in general.



Elevator components

Philosophy of operation

Philosophy: Thuan Anh operates on the principle of community, providing optimal benefits for other businesses, protecting the safety of the community thereby converting into corporate profits.

Building a prestigious image of Thuan Anh elevator brand

Elevator parts Thuan Anh specializes in providing components products for major partners with strengths in the construction industry, installing elevators, trading elevators and escalators.
Branding is one of the core issues for the existence and strong development of a business. Understanding the importance, Thuan Anh has continuously improved to make the brand more and more popular.

Advantages of Thuan Anh Co,LTD

Strength in quality
- Many years of experience in the field of import and export, helping Thuan Anh to select the products with the highest quality, suitable for the Vietnamese market.

  Price strength
- As an enterprise specializing in importing and wholesaling elevator components and spare parts, the price of Thuan Anh is always the most competitive in Vietnam market today. Optimizing the costs of transportation, warehousing, and importation, customers come to Thuan Anh to be assured because I will own the highest quality product with the most reasonable price.